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Bitcoins Canada | Terms And Conditions


Bitcoins Canada Terms & Conditions

Bitcoin is considered a high-risk currency. Any investment in Bitcoin should be done carefully and with a clear plan to manage risk. Bitcoins Canada cannot be held responsible in the case that bitcoins decrease in value.

Buy Orders

For a buy order to be accepted, a bank deposit must be made to Bitcoins Canada within three hours of submitting the order, due to price fluctuations. If the deposit is made later than three hours we will adjust the number of bitcoins sold, to reflect current prices.

Bank deposits must be made in person, in branch. Any form of online payment or transfer will be rejected and returned.

Please allow approximately three hours for the bitcoins to arrive in your wallet, from the time you make the bank deposit.

Sell Orders

For a sell order to be accepted, your bitcoins must be deposited in Bitcoins Canada's wallet within one hour of submitting the sell order, due to price fluctuations.

Please allow approximately three hours to receive the bank deposit from Bitcoins Canada, from the time you deposit the bitcoins in Bitcoins Canada's wallet. Bank deposits are made the following morning for sell orders that are placed in the evening.